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Place names project

When the Applecross Historical Society was formed in 1999, one of the principal aims was to collect, map and share the Gaelic place names of the peninsula. Over the last forty years, in particular, many of those who were most intimately acquainted with the landscape have passed away taking their knowledge with them.

Place names are a valuable source of information. They can tell us a great deal about the history, geography and people of an area. Most of the place names of Applecross reflect the Gaelic and Norse heritage of the area; every stone, rock, and hollow once had its own name. 

The Applecross Historical Society has created a searchable database of place names (consolidating existing knowledge and research/ documents with continued research) and made this information available and accessible to local people and visitors on a new website. The project is a basis for the Society to continue working with the local community to add further place names and information.

Applecross Primary School also participated in the place name project.  Led by their teacher and with the support of Applecross Historical Society, pupils created a series of walking maps that meant something special to each individual, created a map of their own school grounds, and helped to produce a DVD in which they interviewed knowledgable local people (particularly older members of the community) about place names in Applecross they remember and the reasons for the names. The interviews were recorded on video (by the pupils themselves), as a legacy of the project and made available on-line on the school’s website. 



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