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Archaeological Walk

The Archaeological Walk totals over 12km (8 miles) in length and connects new and existing paths to showcase Applecross’s archaeological heritage. Sites of archaeological interest connected by the trail include the Applecross walled garden, the ice house, the lime kiln, several cleared townships, a corn kiln, Herbidean Barns, the Applecross Estate Farm, a broch, a fish trap and the Spout Well/Holy Well.

The walk also has a spur route to Applecross Heritage Centre, Clachan Church, the Manse and Applecross chapel.

Along this walk, close to the Hebridean Barns and the broch, there is an interpretation of an Iron Age roundhouse. It is a thatched building, constructed by local volunteers and demonstrates how people might have lived over 2,000 years ago. The roundhouse is used for craft events and workshops.

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