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Ard Dubh – Coille Ghillie

This project made provision for upgrading the path from Ard Dubh to the townships of Ard Ban and Coille Ghillie, for the enjoyment and benefit of visitors and local people.

Coille Ghillie and Ard Ban are two crofting townships which, even today, do not have vehicular access. Other than by sea, the only access to these villages is by stone path. These townships were largely abandoned over a century ago. Although some people have returned to live in the villages, the area’s character remains largely unchanged.

This project aimed to restore the path running from Ard Dubh to the two townships (repair, drainage and general maintenance).

These paths which are now used regularly by walkers, cyclists and runners, provide a fantastic route for those wanting to access two of the most spectacular beaches on the peninsula.

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