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Heritage centre

The Heritage Centre presents and celebrates the extraordinary history of Applecross from the Mesolithic period to the present day. It was created by the Historical Society who renovated a derelict building at the head of Applecross Bay for the secure storage and display of archive records, photographs and artefacts related to the region. The Centre provides a permanent record of the peninsula's past, with its exhibition room bringing to life key historical periods, as well as providing a colourful portrait of traditional and modern crofting life.
In addition to the exhibition room, there are audio oral history presentations, digitised Census records and a searchable genealogical database. The Centre has a reading room providing access to the Historical Society's extensive archives, and a small shop supplying locally produced crafts and gifts.
Further information is available from the Heritage Society's own website.

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Promoting the rich
heritage, wildlife & culture
of the West Highlands

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